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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Robben 90 stats review

Le 3 October 2014, 06:48 dans Humeurs 0

It is time for another FIFA Coins spotlight now, as EA has once again revealed the official FIFA 14 TOTW 25 players. The highlight is Arjen Robben, who has been given an second in-form card, with a new overall rating of 90.

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Robben 90 stats review

We now have a review on the new FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Arjen Robben card from TOTW 25, giving you an exact idea on whether you think he is worth the purchase or the chance to get lucky on a FIFA 14 gold pack opening.

His previous in-form card was an 89, while he originally came with an 88 on the disc at launch, so he’s definitely an improved player as the months have gone on. Expected to be one of Holland’s star players at the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Arjen Robben will also improve your FIFA 14 Ultimate Team if you manage to pick him up this week.

He comes with an 90 overall rating that now includes an significant increase in his dribbling and free kick accuracy attributes. On his first in-form card he had 89 for finishing and 90 for free kick accuracy – pick up his new card however and you’ll see these two stats boosted to 91 and 92 respectively.

The video review below not only takes a detailed look at Robben’s new stats, but it also gives you some gameplay showing the new card in action as well – not bad at all you FIFA 15 IOS Coins  have to say.

Trying to actually get one in a pack opening though is a different beast altogether. Enjoy the review below and let us know if you have already managed to win Robben or any other FIFA 14 FUT TOTW 25 player.

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team guide – the basics

Le 1 October 2014, 07:15 dans Humeurs 0

Initially the ban on Suarez restricted him from “all football activities” and clearly EA Sports have taken it upon themselves to include FUT Coins

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team guide – the basics

We live in a world where professional footballers can wrongly be arrested for stealing cheese in Tesco Express. This is a universe where Wayne Rooney’s mop changes from Bobby Charlton to Milli Vanilli within the space of a week. We’ve created a planet that lets overweight men pilgrimage to their local stands, remove their tops and shout at less overweight men who are cautioned for showing the slightest whiff of nip. Everything is our fault.

The thing that is typically the most difficult and cerebral to figure out is how to construct your team correctly, and how to make it the best team out of anything you can muster. Once you unlock the initial flood of bonus card packs, create a new squad, because it’s too time-consuming to try to mess with your starting squad. Pick a formation, then start searching by position. Fill up everything as best you can. Match players to their positions for a position bonus, and match players by nationality for a chemistry bonus. If you have a position that’s unfilled by any of your players, pick the closest substitute statistically (like a CM instead of an LM). Change your formation, too, to fit what positions you have a surplus of top players in. Initially the ban on Suarez restricted him from “all football activities” and clearly EA Sports have taken it upon themselves to include FIFA 15 Coins For Sale. The ban has since been reduced, allowing Suarez to train.

He took part in a friendly last night for Barcelona against Indonesia Under-19’s. Those who are playing 'FIFA 15' on the PS4 may have encountered some server problems, happening mainly when the game connects to the servers from EA Sports. According to Gamereactor, this is marked by a lag that renders the game unplayable, even when you are just in the offline mode and menus. What's worse is that the PS4 lag bug has already been spotted way back in the demo version of 'FIFA 15' and it has already been brought by the fans to EA's attention. The report even adds that this lag issue with the PS4 version is not just limited to 'FIFA 15', but has also been spotted for 'NHL 15.' Following the release of the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team game which you can download now for Windows and Windows Phone, you can also download the FIFA 15 Xbox One companion app on your phone.

The app allows you to manage your FUT 15 Coins squads, bid for and sell players, and buy packs in its market. You also gain access to your EA Sports Football Club activity, news, and notifications. A new feature called Concept Squads introduces a way for players to powerfully manage and plan the squads for their winning teams. Start up a Career Mode with Barcelona in the hope of using a forward strike force of Messi, Neymar and Suarez and you will be greeted by a message telling you that Suarez is serving a suspension and will not be available for Runescape Gold  selection until 26th October 2014.

FIFA 15 Player Ratings - Top Potential & Hidden Gems

Le 29 September 2014, 08:57 dans Humeurs 0

FUT 15 Coins launches on September 23 in North America, September 25 in Europe, and September 26 in the UK. Leading to its release, we will be revealing a number

of lists pertaining to the best players in the game. From the 50 best players to top future prospects, every FIFA fan will want to know who to lookout for.

Every player needs to start at the bottom and make their way to superstar status. But who are those prospects that will become the next Messi or Cristiano

Ronaldo? Here are some players you should be on the look-out for when playing Career Mode in FIFA 15.

Dont miss out on all the other cool new features coming to FIFA 15.

A friendly reminder that FIFA 15 launches this September. There is still time to pre-order your Old School RS Gold  copy and gain access to up to 40 FIFA Ultimate Team Packs!

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